Offensive Football Drills: RB Drills

10 Running Back Drills Available

Drill Name Focus of Drills Why Use this drill?
Running Back Ball Protection Drill Teaching the proper way for a running back to protect the ball.
  1. Prevent fumbles and costly turnovers.
  2. Make more positive yardage instead of fumbling for a loss or turnover.
  3. Have confidence in your running game to make plays for your team.
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RB Blast Drill To teach running backs how to explode thru the hole and thru contact.
  1. Have short running plays turn to big gains when your RB runs thru the defender.
  2. Intimidate the opposing defense by not being afraid of contact.
  3. Wear down the defenders with a punishing ground game.
  4. Convert more short yardage plays, keep drive alive on 4th and short.
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Running Back Crossover Step Drill To teach running backs to use agility and speed sometimes instead of running thru a defender.
  1. Have a versatile running back, one that can run thru a defender or around a defender.
  2. Turn a small gain into a long touchdown more times.
  3. Be able to control the game with an unstoppable rushing attack.
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RB Cut and Go Drill To teach the running backs how-to avoid defenders in the open field, cut and go score.
  1. Don't worry about your sweep plays getting stretched to the sideline, have a running back that will make a cut and get downfield.
  2. Be able to threaten ANY defense to the outside, this will open the middle later in the game.
  3. Be able to run ANYWHERE on the field.
  4. Wear out the defense.
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Running Back Draw Play Drill Teach the techniques a running back needs to help execute a successful draw play.
  1. If run properly a well executed draw play and gain a lot of yards and points.
  2. Takes the pressure off your passing game in long yardage situations.
  3. Gives another reason for the defense to respect your running game on EVERY down no matter the distance.
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Running Back Handoff Drill Teach the running back how to properly take a handoff.
  1. Prevents costly fumbles and turnovers.
  2. Prevents delays in the play execution since the handoffs will be clean and crisp.
  3. Have confidence that your running backs will protect the ball during the handoff.
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RB Inside Pass Protection Drill Teach the running back to block an inside rush.
  1. The running backs will be able to properly defend the QB against an inside blitz.
  2. Takes some pressure off the offensive line.
  3. Gives your QB more time to make a good pass.
  4. Helps your QB feel calm and comfortable in the pocket.
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Running Back Kickout Block Drill Teach the Running Backs how to properly kickout block on a LB.
  1. Prevents outside linebackers from stopping your sweep plays or outside run plays.
  2. Helps the offense gain big yardage on the ground.
  3. Forces the defensive coach to make adjustments, causes weakness against the misdirection.
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RB Lead Blocking Drill Teach a running back, normally the full back how to properly lead block.
  1. Can run up the middle with confidence knowing the lead blocker will make a hole.
  2. Be able to gain constant short yardage up the middle.
  3. Go for it on 4th and short, you can open the hole every time.
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RB Outside Pass Blocking Drill Teach running backs to properly block and outside pass rush.
  1. Enables QB to stand in pocket longer and make an accurate pass.
  2. Discourages the defensive unit from blitzing, opening the defense for longer pass plays.
  3. Protect the QB from blindside attacks, prevents potential fumbles or hurried pass attempts.
  4. Improve pass efficiency.
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