Offensive Football Drills: QB Drills

10 Quarterback Drills Available

Drill Name Focus of Drills Why Use this drill?
QB Start Drill Teach the proper starting footwork.
  1. Teach the QB the reverse pivot where the QB turns one direction, but hands the ball off in the opposite direction.
  2. Learn proper footwork for running sweep plays.
  3. Use proper footwork to a make a deep handoff.
  4. Proper footwork for running option plays down the line.
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Quarterback Slide Drill Teach the QB to avoid a defensive pass rush.
  1. Limit the number of sacks that your QB takes.
  2. Turn a potential sack into a big gain or even a small gain, but not a loss.
  3. Make the defenders slow down their pass rush to contain your QB, giving you more time to pass.
  4. Make your QB feel more calm and confident in the pocket, very important for a young QB.
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QB Stance Drill Teach the Quarterback the proper starting stance under center.
  1. Insure the QB and center are comfortable with the snap exchange, prevent needless fumbles.
  2. Improve play efficiency by the QB in a good start position can execute the plays faster than a QB with a sloppy stance.
  3. A QB in the proper stance gives the defense no indication of the play call.
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Quarterback Drop Drill Teach the QB how to properly execute several different pass drops and all steps required for each one.
  1. Using the proper form a QB can improve the speed of his drop back and pass setup.
  2. This reduces sacks.
  3. Improves pass efficiency.
  4. Increases the opportunities for successful passing plays.
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QB Point-to-Point Drill Improve quarterback passing accuracy.
  1. Improve the passing accuracy of your QB.
  2. Improve passing efficiency as well as scoring potential.
  3. Frustrate defensive backs with a highly accurate passing game.
  4. Greatly reduce interceptions and turnovers.
  5. Score more points.
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Quarterback Option Read Drill Teach your QB how to run and read the option play.
  1. If your QB can make the proper option read your offense has the potential to make constant big plays.
  2. Reduce the number of fumbled pitches.
  3. Gain positive yards every time you run an option play.
  4. Keep the defensive unit on their toes, guessing.
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QB One-knee Passing Drill Teach proper hip rotation and ball position.
  1. Greatly increase pass accuracy and throwing power.
  2. Eliminate costly interceptions and incomplete passes.
  3. Improve throwing confidence and pass effectiveness.
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Quarterback Handoff Drill Teach quarterback to properly execute a handoff.
  1. Eliminate fumbled handoffs.
  2. Improve handoff speed and efficiency.
  3. Gain more yards due to increased handoff speed.
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QB Flash Drill Teach QB to make a quick pass read to find open receiver and make a quick accurate pass.
  1. Limit the time your QB has the ball, which reduces sacks.
  2. Being able to read the coverage and make an accurate decision will greatly reduce interceptions.
  3. Give your QB the confidence in both his mental ability as well as physical ability.
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Quarterback Fake Handoff Drill Teach quarterbacks to make a proper fake handoff.
  1. Sometimes a good FAKE handoff will create all the space a RB needs for a big play.
  2. Slow down the defensive rush by using fakes and misdirection.
  3. Improve rushing efficiency.
  4. Confuse the defensive players and coaches.
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